Animal Project

First Year Design Lab: April 2023


We were tasked with choosing an endangered animal and creating an informative poster, animation, and recycled plastic model to bring attention to the lives of our animals and what is causing there endangerment. My animal was the Roseate Tern, a small bird with a bright orange beak.


Our Animals had to be made entirely of recycled plastics. From going through a dumpster at a construction junction to digging through my own trashcan, I collected a variety of milk jugs, detergent bottles, cutlery, and a lot more. I was drawn to the Roseate Tern because of its iconic orange beak and feet, so that was really key to my model-making. I created this by cutting CVS pill bottles. Part of the challenge was to not vastly change the shape of the containers but rather find and work to fit pieces together.