Hybrid Exhibit Environments

Environments Mini: Fall 2023


Create a temporary exhibition featuring an artist (or issue) currently on exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Mattress Factory, or Children’s Museum. Consider how digital Technology can enhance the visitors’ experience in ways they are not currently doing. Consider how technology can augment content, increase learning, and/or make the museum experience more interactive.

Target audience

Students, Faculty and Staff of the College of Fine Arts and those with an interest in art and immersive experiences.  

Choosing an Artist

I knew I wanted to focus on some sort of furniture designer so I went to the Carnegie Museum of Arts exhibit “The Extraordinary in the Ordinary”, I has getting a bit annoyed when reading the descriptions of the pieces. For one they didn’t give much context and two all the designers were either American or from Western Europe and a few from Japan. I wanted to try and find any Latin designers (I’m Cuban).

Tanya Aguiñiga

Upon close inspection in my second time around I stumbled upon this pink chair by Tanya Aguiñiga. I wanted to learn more. 

Final Deliverables