Four Board Stool

Products Studio II: April 2024



– Can only cut 4 pieces out a of 63″ x 10.5″ plank¬†

– Only use 90-degree angles

Concept Refinement and prototyping

I constructed a scale model using cardboard to better understand the joinery and dimensions of the piece. Using Illustrator, I explored the shape of the top and the different relationships of rise and run. Then redid the model with accurate wood thickness. 

3D Modeling with Solidworks 

Wood Processing

After cutting the board down into four pieces, I processed it with the jointer and planner, bringing it to the final thickness before cutting it to the final length with the table saw.


Took each piece through the process of setting up guide sticks, removing excess wood with the bandsaw, bringing to final dimensions with the router and then chiseling the corners.


Using the drill press made through holes, plug holes and plugs with spare wood. Sanded each piece using an electric sander and sanding blocks. Attached each piece using screws and filled with plugs.

Final product