Bauhaus Apron

Products Studio II: Jan – Feb 2024


Researched the history and work of the Bauhaus movement. Then using three pieces of work from Marcel Breuer, Wassily Kandinsky, and Oskar Schlemmer I developed concepts for wearables. 

Wassily Kandinsky

Marcel Breuer

Oskar Schlemmer

Concept Refinement and prototyping

material Selection

I had always imagined this design with the metal bars used in actual furniture but due to limitations of shop tools and budget it was ruled out until I found a broken chair at a coffee shop on campus


Using paper and tape I tried out different angles and dimensions before settling on the desired angles and creating a guide to refer back to between each step.


Developing a bending process

While I now had the ideal material I had to figure out a way to bend it. 

I took the cut up pieces of pipe and plugged one end and filled them with sand to prevent collapse and cracking under the pressure of the bending. 

Using a bench vice I secured the tube in place against a larger tube with the desired radius of my curves. 

Attachment and refinement

Using different tools to widen and flatten connecting points I attached the different parts of the frame using a ridged bar and hot glue. Using a bench grinder and hand filling I removed excess welding from the original chair.

Final Assembly

Sewing and Final touches

Final product