Spin Lamp

Fall 2023 Products Studio I 


Create a lighting device that uses a tilt switch to explores the relationship between material, balance, light, and movement. I wanted to explore how the user could be challenged in the process of finding their ideal light position. 

Initial Sketches

Initial Models

Further Development 

I decided to procide with this concept of a spinning lamp as it fit with my goal of discovery and challenge for the user where the user needs to adjust the lamp to discover the point where the tilt switch activates. I also became interested in the idea of how the light disperses 

Concept Refinement 

I further refined my idea through sketching and model-making. Working through how I will construct the internal light system and how it will balance and weigh. Additionally, I explored how I could adjust the light based on where it shined—experimenting with different weights of paper and layering techniques. 

Construction Process

I used a flexible metal tubing to create the  base for the light to spin on. Initially, I wanted to have some sort of dramatic support, but through this project, I realized that it required more simplicity so as not to distract from the main intention of the device. I also used a laser cutter to cut the side pieces to ensure precision. 


This light allows users to discover how the light changes as it is spun and to find their ideal position both for the direction of light and also the amount to fit their different moods. I picture it sitting on a desk corner. 


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